16 November 2016
No Float
Clan Intro Video:

Rating Requirement: 1650+

Min 50 games RM 1v1 on MS Lobby

Must be able to execute the following build orders consistently: Man at Arms, Scout Flush, Archer Flush, Drush Flush, Drush Fast Castle, and Fast Castle. YOU WILL BE TESTED ON THIS BEFORE YOU JOIN!

You train.

You help your teammates get better.

You play serious.

You don't play meaningless casual games.

You watch your own recordings.

You watch your teammates recordings.

You respect people.

If you find that these statements are agreeable to you then you may be a good fit to join the clan.
Team Level
Train Improve Conquer Team Ratings
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Ladder Statistics

GameMemberLadderRatingWinsLossesStreakLadder Profile
Age of Empires II: The Conquerors [TIC]S3Kingcat RM - Team Games 1798 292 259 2 » View Details
Age of Empires II: The Conquerors [TIC]Ezurion RM - 1v1 1719 75 68 2 » View Details
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